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Why To Make the Switch to Reusable Containment Systems

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When it comes to the restoration process, containment is the vital first step. Traditionally, that has meant using tape and plastic to secure the affected area. Professionals in Los Gatos, CA, know that is a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be if you make the switch to environmentally friendly reusable systems.

Downsides of Plastic and Tape

Although a proven method, it is one that comes with numerous downsides. Those include:

  • It requires additional tools and steps, including cutting the plastic, to ensure a secure barrier.
  • Humidity and temperature negatively impact the materials used, potentially creating gaps in the contained area.
  • If the surface is abrasive, securing the plastic properly is troublesome.
  • After it is installed, the technician is left with leftover material that becomes costly waste.
  • Once it is no longer needed, it is tossed. These materials are non-biodegradable, which means filling up landfills faster and not being environmentally friendly.

Benefits of a Reusable System

Along with the setup, plastic and tape make it easy to break the seal. Each time people exit or enter the area, it slowly leads to the barrier loosening. Instead of dealing with all of that, a reusable is designed for ease while providing the ultimate coverage. They are simple to set up and versatile enough to fit around infrastructure, making them ideal for oddly shaped locations. When the project is successfully completed, the removal of the barriers is a quick job. From there, the equipment simply needs to be disinfected to be ready for the next project. All of that adds up to reduced material and labor costs, which is a benefit to any company.

While it can be easy to stick with traditional methods, weighing the benefits of modern solutions is worth it. Along with being more environmentally friendly, reusable equipment reduces the time and effort it takes to setup and tear down as well as provides a more secure barrier.

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