AirWall Industry Solutions

Restoration Contruction

AirWall® systems excel in controlling dust, mold spores, and other hazardous materials that are commonly disturbed during restoration projects. Our systems create a sealed environment that contains contaminants, preventing them from spreading and ensuring a safer workspace.

construction worker and dust in workspace

Medical and Laboratory 

AirWall® systems are engineered to provide superior containment of airborne pathogens, particles, and contaminants. This is crucial in environments where the spread of infection or cross-contamination can have serious health implications. AirWall® effectively isolates and manages air in designated areas, ensuring a safer, cleaner environment for both patients and staff.

medical workers in quarantined area

HVAC Operations

AirWall® systems allow HVAC professionals to create temporary, controlled work areas that minimize the impact of repairs and installations on the surrounding environment. This isolation helps in maintaining system integrity and prevents disruptions, especially in commercial or industrial settings.

construction worker and attic workspace with HVAC system