Optimize HVAC Operations with AirWall® Systems

HVAC professionals face unique challenges when managing indoor air quality and maintaining system efficiency during installation, maintenance, or repair work. AirWall® systems offer a state-of-the-art solution designed to meet these needs by effectively controlling environments and improving operational safety.
construction worker and attic workspace with HVAC system


During HVAC operations, controlling the spread of dust and particles is crucial, especially in sensitive environments like hospitals or residential areas. AirWall® systems provide a powerful containment solution that traps and isolates dust, preventing cross-contamination and maintaining cleaner air conditions.

Create Controlled Work Areas

AirWall® systems allow HVAC professionals to create temporary, controlled work areas that minimize the impact of repairs and installations on the surrounding environment. This isolation helps in maintaining system integrity and prevents disruptions, especially in commercial or industrial settings.

Airwall Xpress wrapped around pipes in crawl space with extending vents
Airwall Xpress adjustable vents


To prevent the spread of contaminants, AirWall® systems can maintain negative pressure in the workspace. This feature is essential when working in areas that require stringent air quality controls, as it ensures that any pollutants are effectively removed from the environment.

Easy and Quick Setup

The lightweight and flexible design of AirWall® systems makes them easy to install and reconfigure as needed. This convenience saves significant time and effort, allowing HVAC teams to focus more on their core tasks rather than on setting up protective barriers.

Cost-Efficient and Reusable

With AirWall®, you invest once and use it across multiple projects. The systems are designed for repeated use, offering a cost-effective alternative to single-use solutions. Minimizing waste not only reduces overall project costs but also aligns with sustainable practices.

Streamlining HVAC Projects

AirWall® systems streamline the setup and takedown process, allowing HVAC professionals to manage their projects from start to finish efficiently. The ability to quickly adapt to different spaces and requirements without significant adjustments means faster turnaround times and reduced labor costs.


Control is not tenuous and it is not conditional. Control is the elimination of single points of failure through robust design and redundancy. A workspace in control reduces injuries, is comfortable to work in, and instills confidence in the building occupants, the carriers and any other interested parties. A hospital operating room or the deck of an aircraft carrier are examples of a workspace in absolute control. Why would you want anything less for the space that you manage?

Temperature, humidity, sound, sightline, air pressure and flow are the obvious advantages of AIRWALL but what about getting the ducting and power cords off of the floor? Think of the advantages of adding supplemental lighting that can be mounted securely to the walls.

Dual lockable zippers control access and large windows simultaneously allow for the observation that the occupant craves and, in the case of some local ordinances, inspectors require.

Embrace the future of environmental control in restoration and construction with AIRWALL® now when it makes a difference. Your competitors will lead the charge when you don’t and they will eat your lunch. Take control by taking control.