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Benefits of Using Customizable Containment Systems

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When you are dealing with a damage restoration project, there is a good chance you will come into contact with various substances that are toxic to you and the environment. This is where customizable containment comes into play. There are quite a few benefits to using it for your restoration project.

Avoid Common Hazards
You probably already know that a lot of restoration work requires some form of containment. During any project you could be working around:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Asbestos
  • Black water
  • Bacteria
  • Soot, ash and dust
  • Medical hazards

You need a containment system that keeps these from leaking into surrounding areas. You can use plastic, but this comes with a host of other issues. Plastic and tape do not hold up against heat and water as well as they should. A single tear and your containment is no longer an effective barrier.

Alternately Sized Openings
Windows and doors come in a variety of sizes. Each requires a different containment solution. If you can use a customizable containment system that fits the area you are working in, it can save you time and money.
In the case of medical spills or black water, the containment needs to be stable enough to prevent spores or bacteria from entering the surrounding environment. The tiny gaps that develop in plastic sheeting, around the tape and standard-sized barriers are unacceptable.

Older Construction
Older construction in Los Gatos, CA can also be an issue when it comes to containment. It is not just the size of the openings you have to block off. It is also the type of opening. With older construction, you might have to block off segments of walls or even whole rooms, depending on the composition of the material you are working with. Things like asbestos, lead and black mold can easily show up in older buildings. In these cases, containment becomes a priority.
When dealing with a damage remediation project, customizable containment can save you money and keep the surrounding environment safe from contamination.

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