Transforming Restoration Contruction Projects with AIRWALL®

In the world of restoration and construction, managing the environment is crucial for ensuring safety, compliance, and efficiency. AirWall® offers a superior containment and environmental control system that is perfectly suited to meet the unique challenges faced by restoration and construction professionals.
construction worker and dust in workspace


AIRWALL® systems excel in controlling dust, mold spores, and other potentially hazardous materials that are commonly disturbed during restoration projects. Our systems create a sealed environment that controls contaminants, preventing them from spreading and ensuring a safer jobsite.

Negative Pressure Containment

AIRWALL® products, paired with a high quality NAM, efficiently maintains negative pressure in the work area, exhausting contaminated air and bringing in fresh air. This critical feature helps contractors adhere to health and safety regulations while actually protecting workers and building occupants from potentially harmful airborne particles.

AirWall Nexus lifted to install
AirWall Nexus installed


The malleable and lightweight design of AIRWALL® systems makes them incredibly easy to install, reposition, and dismantle. Their flexibility allows restoration teams to quickly adapt to different project sizes and complexities.

Cost-Effective and Reusable

Invest once and reap the benefits across numerous projects. AIRWALL® systems are designed for repeated use, offering an economical solution compared to traditional, single-use containment options. The durability and reusability of our systems eliminate the need for new materials, saving on consumables costs.

Saves Time and Enhances Efficiency

The quick setup, reliability (no repairs needed) and tear-down capabilities of AirWall® systems saves countless hours or even days on restoration jobs. This efficiency boost not only speeds up project completion times but also most importantly reduces labor costs.

Furthermore, quicker dry times mean less tear out and build back. Even for companies that provide full service, including build back, there is no contest. Construction margins of 20-30% can’t touch the 50-60% margins of a drying job. Earn money while you, AND YOUR CREWS, are sleeping.

Streamlined Cleanup Process

Once the restoration job is complete, AIRWALL®’s easy-to-disassemble nature facilitates a quick and simple cleanup and re-setting process. This means that restoration professionals can efficiently close out projects and transition to new tasks without the burden of a lengthy cleanup and re-supply process.


Control is not tenuous and it is not conditional. Control is the elimination of single points of failure through robust design and redundancy. A workspace in control reduces injuries, is comfortable to work in, and instills confidence in the building occupants, the carriers and any other interested parties. A hospital operating room or the deck of an aircraft carrier are examples of a workspace in absolute control. Why would you want anything less for the space that you manage?

Temperature, humidity, sound, sightline, air pressure and flow are the obvious advantages of AIRWALL but what about getting the ducting and power cords off of the floor? Think of the advantages of adding supplemental lighting that can be mounted securely to the walls.

Dual lockable zippers control access and large windows simultaneously allow for the observation that the occupant craves and, in the case of some local ordinances, inspectors require.

Embrace the future of environmental control in restoration and construction with AIRWALL® now when it makes a difference. Your competitors will lead the charge when you don’t and they will eat your lunch. Take control by taking control.