Enhance Safety and Efficiency in Medical and Laboratory Settings with AirWall®

In the demanding environments of medical facilities and laboratories, maintaining strict air quality and contaminant control is not just a requirement, but a necessity for ensuring health, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards. AirWall® systems provide innovative solutions designed specifically to meet these critical needs.
medical workers in quarantined area


AirWall® systems are engineered to provide superior containment of airborne pathogens, particles, and contaminants. This is crucial in environments where the spread of infection or cross-contamination can have serious health implications. AirWall® effectively isolates and manages air in designated areas, ensuring a safer, cleaner environment for both patients and staff.

Customizable Environments

Whether it’s a hospital, clinic, or scientific lab, each space has unique requirements. AirWall® systems are highly adaptable and can be configured to fit various layouts and sizes, creating controlled zones that maintain specific conditions essential for sensitive operations or patient care.

Airwall decontamination chamber and ventilation for quarantine
Airwall ventilation for quarantine


In medical and lab settings, maintaining negative pressure is often required to prevent the escape of hazardous airborne particles. AirWall® systems excel in creating and maintaining negative pressure environments, ensuring that air flows into rather than out of a contaminated area, thereby safeguarding the surrounding areas and their occupants.

Quick and Easy Setup
The flexibility of AirWall® systems allows for rapid deployment and reconfiguration, which is ideal for dynamic medical and laboratory environments where needs can change quickly. The ease of setup and teardown means minimal disruption to critical operations, maintaining continuity and efficiency.
Durable and Reusable

Investing in AirWall® systems is cost-effective over time. Designed for durability and repeated use, these systems reduce the need for disposable alternatives, aligning with sustainability goals while also cutting down on long-term expenditure.

Enhancing Compliance with Health Standards

By improving air quality and reducing the risk of contamination, AirWall® helps medical and laboratory facilities meet stringent health and safety standards. This not only protects patients and staff but also helps facilities avoid costly penalties and reputational damage.


Control is not tenuous and it is not conditional. Control is the elimination of single points of failure through robust design and redundancy. A workspace in control reduces injuries, is comfortable to work in, and instills confidence in the building occupants, the carriers and any other interested parties. A hospital operating room or the deck of an aircraft carrier are examples of a workspace in absolute control. Why would you want anything less for the space that you manage?

Temperature, humidity, sound, sightline, air pressure and flow are the obvious advantages of AIRWALL but what about getting the ducting and power cords off of the floor? Think of the advantages of adding supplemental lighting that can be mounted securely to the walls.

Dual lockable zippers control access and large windows simultaneously allow for the observation that the occupant craves and, in the case of some local ordinances, inspectors require.

Embrace the future of environmental control in restoration and construction with AIRWALL® now when it makes a difference. Your competitors will lead the charge when you don’t and they will eat your lunch. Take control by taking control.