How AirWall® Works

AIRWALL®: Total Environmental Control for the Jobsite

The AirWall® Difference

Tape sticks too much or not well enough, poles get bent and are always missing parts, plastic just sucks, zippers get stuck and/or fail and stud walls require too much training. AIRWALL® works by manipulating air, it is as simple as that. Simply inflate the AIRWALL® products so that they push up, down and sideways against each other and the building’s surfaces for maximum seal. Where AIRWALL® touches the building we make sure that the product and the building are protected for maximum product life span AND minimal impact on the building’s surfaces.

No Two Losses are The Same

Water, fire, mold, asbestos, odor, biological. Single family, high density, commercial, event space, high rise. Concrete, brick, wood, steel, drywall, plaster, hardwood, tile, carpet. We have 11 products, and counting, all specially designed to be great at more than one thing. AIRWALL® handles crawlspaces, doorways, windows, fireplaces, 8′,9′ and 10′ ceilings, T-Bar drop ceilings, attics, basements and more. We have thought of everything so that you can get on with what you are best at.

Total Environmental Control

There are two types of AIRWALL® products. We have dynamic air products that are continually powered by the air movers that you already own, and we offer a static air product that is the backbone of something that is much more than just containment. Together these two different approaches achieve the impossible, “Total Environmental Control”.

In a Class by Itself

AIRWALL® simply does things that aren’t possible any other way. Chamber drying in a crawlspace in minutes. Sound reduction of at least 8 decibels but up to 25. R value of 20. Branding opportunity with custom colors and logos. Full containment with decon chamber and make up air and under negative air pressure in 30 minutes or less. Locking zippers, virtually no need for tape ever, compact, lightweight, no tools required, little to no training required and fast, so fast. 

airwall window wall exhaust ports product
Quick Setup, Dismantling

The AirWall® system is designed for rapid deployment and removal, saving hours or even days on the job.

No Need for Masking

Eliminate the need for traditional masking, taping, and packing. AirWall® simplifies the process, reducing both labor and material costs.

Reuse and Reduce

Buy once and use many times. AirWall®'s reusability makes it a cost-effective solution for any project.

Enhance Your Work Environment

The AIRWALL® NEXUS ecosystem is not just a dust barrier; it’s a comprehensive containment and environmental control system. Designed with a tough outer shell and multiple, puncture resistant air bladders, the NEXUS achieves security through durability and redundancy. to manage dust, visibility, sound, temperature, and humidity, AirWall® offers a holistic solution for maintaining optimal conditions in any workspace.

See How AirWall® Works For You

By sealing off work areas and reducing sound, AirWall® creates a more professional work environment. It ensures that professionals can swiftly move to the next task without extensive cleanup once the job is done, allowing for more efficient project turnover.