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Why Reusable Containment Is an Efficient Solution

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Any professional restoration company in Los Gatos, CA, relies on containment to ensure the worksite is safe and secure and the damage done isn’t spreading. While tape and plastic are a go-to method, you can up the efficiency and savings by investing in Airwall reusable restoration containment systems. Below are four reasons to upgrade.

Why Use Reusable Containment

1. Efficiency

Although a long-used method, taping plastic takes time to set up and remove, easily tears and doesn’t always seal in all the contaminants. Every time the containment area is passed through, it means particles escaping. With reusable containment, you have minimal setup time and quick removal. Once it is up, HEPA filters are at work ensuring the contaminants stay put.

2. Security

Along with tearing easily, plastic doesn’t provide much security. Anyone may easily pass through the clear plastic. A reusable system is a solid structure that makes it clear the area is off-limits to anyone except the professionals working.

3. Versatility

Every job is different. If that job means dealing with various sizes of windows, doors or oddly shaped structures, there is a good chance the plastic setup won’t truly do what it should. Those oddities have no effect on reusable solutions. They are designed to fit around varying infrastructure and are available in different sizes to ensure everything is covered correctly.

4. Speed

When restoration services are needed, it likely means time is of the essence. That is especially so if flooding is involved. The faster technicians can get on the scene and start sealing off the area, the better. Instead of having to worry about if you have all the materials on hand, including the right amount of plastic and tools to cut it, reusable gear is always at your fingertips. Since they install rapidly, it means a better chance of limiting secondary damage.

Containment is a vital first step of the restoration process. Using reusable systems helps make that step faster and more efficient.

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