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Why Are Containment Systems Used?

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There are many reasons why containment systems are used every day. Containment systems are portable liners or structures used to section off a part of a building or property when that area might be deemed unsafe or hazardous. These containment systems can hold belongings or equipment or liquids, even gasses with the right type of containment system. Although these systems are multi-purpose, here are the most common reasons why containment systems are used: 

  1. Restoration
  2. Remodeling
  3. Reconstruction
  4. Demolition

Containment Systems for Restoration

Restoration companies across the United States use containment systems all the time, for every type of project. There are a few ways restoration companies create these containment systems. If working with a tight budget, some restoration professionals will use a large tarp or plastic liner and some tape to stick it down and block off an area. These are just as effective as a professional containment system from AIRWALL. Although, the tarp and tape option isn’t as reusable and can collapse or fail rather easily. With an AIRWALL containment system, you are promised complete protection and effective containment that can be used again and again. 


Containment systems are often used for restoration projects like:

  1. Water damage remediation (flooding, leaks, etc.)
  2. Fire damage remediation
  3. Storm cleanup
  4. Mold remediation


Restoration professionals put up containment systems if an area is deemed unsafe for the property owners or families to enter because of hazardous chemicals found in the damages. They also use containment systems to keep unharmed belongings. Some restoration companies even put their equipment in containment systems to keep them safe and away from children. Restoration might be the most common reason containment systems are used. They are multi-purpose for most restoration companies during a project. 


Containment Systems for Remodeling

Using a containment system for remodeling is similar to using it for restoration. Remodeling can include using lots of paint, spackle and many other potentially harmful chemicals and materials. Remodeling teams often put these chemicals in a containment system to keep you and your family safe from chemical exposure. Especially if the remodel is a long-term project, remodeling professionals put up containment systems for safety purposes. They might also use it to block off the area that is being remodeled or to put their equipment. If you see a liner blocking off a section of your home or business during a remodel, they are doing their part to keep you safe! 


Containment Systems for Reconstruction

Containment systems are extremely important for any type of reconstruction or construction project. There are certain laws and regulations when it comes to reconstruction, and unless you have a hard hat and experience, you probably aren’t welcome on the construction site. That means during these reconstruction projects, containment systems will be put in place to block off the area of reconstruction. 


With the equipment used and the methods practiced, only skilled and qualified personnel should be allowed in the area. This keeps you safe and any employees or family that continue to use the building while in reconstruction. Reconstruction projects also have harmful chemicals that should be kept away from anyone not wearing a mask. Containment systems during reconstruction, much like remodeling and restoration, keep you safe while you continue to access the property. 


Containment Systems for Demolition

Much like reconstruction, containment systems for demolition are vital during the project. If only part of a building is being demolished, there must be some kind of containment system for the safety of everyone in and around the building. If the demolition brings down part of the building with asbestos or mold, those chemicals could be hazardous if not taken care of properly. Many demolition companies prioritize containment systems during partial demolition projects so the building can continue to function safely. 


Restoration, remodeling, reconstruction and demolition are the most common uses for containment systems. Luckily, containment systems are multi-purpose and some can be used again! If your company is looking for a reusable containment system for any of your projects or for safety, look no further than AIRWALL. AIRWALL creates state of the art containment systems for efficient protection and quality control. Contact our team today if you are curious if AIRWALL has the right containment system for your projects! 


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