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What AIRWALL’s Expansion Means for You – Now Available in Australia

AIRWALL logo on containment system

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At Zeppelin Guys, we have some exciting news to share with all our Australian readers. If you’re familiar with the revolutionary AIRWALL system, get ready to rejoice for it’s finally making its way to the Land Down Under! For those who are not acquainted with us or our products, let’s start with a brief overview of what AIRWALL offers and then delve into the groundbreaking expansion to Australia.

What is AIRWALL?

AIRWALL is a cutting-edge technology designed to revolutionize restoration and remediation processes. Developed by top experts in the field, this innovative system offers a powerful and efficient way to control airflow, capture airborne contaminants, improve air quality, and even quiet those noisy air movers. Whether you are dealing with a water damage restoration project, mold remediation, or asbestos abatement, AIRWALL’s state-of-the-art equipment ensures a safer and healthier environment for both workers and inhabitants.

Expansion to Australia

We are thrilled to announce that the highly sought-after AIRWALL products are available in Australia starting at the end of September. This development is a major breakthrough, for it empowers restoration professionals and companies across the country to access and utilize this game-changing technology.

Restoration Innovation 

Leading the charge in bringing AIRWALL to Australian shores is Restoration Innovation, an industry trailblazer and the first official AIRWALL distributor outside of the United States. With their extensive expertise and dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions, Restoration Innovation is the perfect partner to introduce this revolutionary system to Australia’s restoration and remediation industry.


What sets Restoration Innovation apart is their commitment to offering the entire AIRWALL product line to Australian customers. This comprehensive range of products includes different models and configurations to suit various restoration needs and project sizes. From the compact and portable units for small-scale projects to the heavy-duty setups capable of handling larger spaces, Restoration Innovation ensures that there’s an ideal AIRWALL solution for every requirement.

What This Means for Australians

The arrival of AIRWALL in Australia signifies a paradigm shift in the restoration and remediation landscape. Here’s what this expansion means for Australians:


  • Enhanced Restoration Efficiency – Traditionally, restoration processes were often hindered by the need to isolate and contain contaminated areas. With AIRWALL’s innovative airflow control system, professionals now set up barriers swiftly and effectively, minimizing cross-contamination risks and significantly expediting restoration projects. This translates to reduced downtime and a quicker return to normalcy for affected individuals and businesses.


  • Improved Air Quality – AIRWALL’s advanced filtration technology ensures that airborne contaminants are effectively captured and filtered out, leading to improved air quality during restoration processes. This is especially crucial in projects involving mold or asbestos, where the spread of hazardous particles pose health risks. The cleaner air provided by AIRWALL not only benefits workers but also protects occupants and nearby residents.


  • Heightened Safety Measures – By providing a well-defined containment zone, AIRWALL helps create a safer work environment for restoration professionals. The system’s ability to prevent the spread of contaminants and limit exposure to hazardous materials ensures that workers carry out their tasks with increased confidence and reduced risk.


  • Competitive Advantage for Restoration Businesses – For restoration companies in Australia, adopting the AIRWALL system set them apart from competitors. Embracing this cutting-edge technology demonstrates a commitment to quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, which attract more clients and foster a positive reputation in the industry.


The upcoming availability of AIRWALL products in Australia marks an exciting milestone for the country’s restoration and remediation sector. With Restoration Innovation leading the charge as the first AIRWALL distributor outside the United States, Australian professionals and businesses now have access to a comprehensive range of groundbreaking products designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and air quality during restoration projects.


So, gear up for this game-changing expansion, and stay tuned for the end of September when AIRWALL is making its debut in Australia. This revolutionary technology promises to transform the way restoration projects are carried out and contribute to safer and healthier living environments for everyone.


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