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The Ultimate Sound-Reducing Containment System

Containment system set up on restoration job site

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Containment systems in the restoration industry are a necessity. They help keep the contamination to a minimum, maintain some sort of division of what needs to be restored and what was undamaged, and should try to help keep a person’s home or business as normal as possible. What about all of the sound that comes with restoring a structure after a fire, water, or storm damage event? There are fans, dehumidifiers, and power tools, most of it going round the clock to make sure the structure dries out quickly and reconstruction begins ASAP. This is why sound reducing containment is something that every restoration company needs. Here is everything you need to know about Airwall’s sound reducing qualities. 

AIRWALL is sound reducing

AIRWALL is a sound reducing system that is used to contain and reduce noise during the mitigation and reconstruction processes. This isn’t just any ordinary wall system, though. It’s the perfect solution for reducing the noise by 90-99% while also performing as a top tier differential air pressure containment system, that allows the business or home to be used as normally as possible (provided it’s deemed safe to still occupy). 

The Benefits of Sound Reduction

A sound deadening containment system is important for many reasons. Like most homeowners, you want to be able to restore your home to a livable condition as quickly as possible. You want to get your home back to normal so you can enjoy it again. By using AIRWALL, that transition period between catastrophe and normality can be much less jarring as the restoration process is inherently less obnoxious. Furthermore, by setting an AIRWALL system of containment it is possible to ensure that by using chamber drying the process progresses far more quickly and after the drying is done the build back is cleaner and quieter too. 

When it comes to restoration work, it is certainly not a quiet job. The sound-reducing containment systems we offer limit the noise, allowing residents and workers to conduct life and business without the interruption that frequently comes with regular containment systems. 

Keeping the Neighborhood Peaceful

Not only does the sound of mitigation and reconstruction disturb the peace in the household in which the project is being performed, but it also disturbs the peace in the neighborhood surrounding the damaged home. It’s no secret that power tools and fans are extremely loud!

The construction process isn’t always fun for homeowners or their neighbors, but the Airwall sound-reducing containment system makes it a little more manageable for everyone who lives in and around the home. 

We hope that we’ve helped you to understand how soundproofing is a crucial part of your home or office during the restoration and reconstruction process. The biggest takeaway is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, and there are many different types of products available for purchase that meet your specific needs. You just need to choose the right ones for your situation at hand!


Airwall offers a variety of products to meet the needs of any job. Our sound-reducing containment systems are beneficial, not only for reducing sound, but also because they are reusable making them more cost effective. They are also much easier to set up and tear down than your average containment system. If you need some sound-reducing containment to become a tool in your restoration work, give us a call!

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