The Benefits Of Proper Containment

AirWall in home work space

Purchasing an older building can be a bargain, but you must be careful to have it inspected for certain materials. If you discover a substance such as asbestos or mold in your building, you not only need professional mitigation but a way to keep the particles from spreading to other areas of the structure. Working with containment and restoration experts in Los Gatos, CA, has several benefits.

Prevent the Spread of Particles

The main job of an airwall is to prevent spores and other particles from spreading throughout the building when they’re stirred up during remediation. There are several points that should be blocked off before the work begins:

  1. Doorways
  2. Windows
  3. Vents

Putting up barriers keeps the problem contained so that technicians can focus on the affected area. This helps the mitigation process go more smoothly.

Use Containment For Security

Another benefit of using inflatable blockades is that they keep unauthorized persons from entering the space. Any time you have to take down a wall or remove mold growth, it leaves your building vulnerable to vandals and trespassers. You need some kind of barricade to discourage opportunistic people from entering the area and causing more problems. This can also help you with your insurance claim as evidence that you have taken the measures you need to ensure your building is secure.

Ensure Privacy of the Space

Even if people in or near your building don’t have nefarious intent, they can easily wander into a part of the structure that needs repair if there’s nothing there to keep them out. Reusable containment marks the space clearly so there is no confusion. It blocks the view of the area until it’s presentable again.

If an inspection shows that your building needs remediation due to a potentially hazardous substance, containment will also be necessary. Blocking off the area is the first step toward resolving the problem.

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