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Reusable Containment Systems in Commercial Restoration

Man looking at AIRWALL Containment System

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Commercial restoration is an essential process that helps to restore damaged properties to their original state. In most cases, restoration involves the use of various containment systems to prevent the spread of contaminants during the restoration process. Reusable containment systems are a great solution for commercial restoration projects, as they are cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

All About Containment Systems

Reusable containment systems are designed to create a barrier between the restoration area and the rest of the building. The containment systems are made of durable materials such as vinyl or polyethylene, which is reusable. These containment systems are easily installed and removed, making them an excellent choice for commercial restoration projects.


One of the main benefits of using reusable containment systems in commercial restoration is cost-effectiveness. Traditional containment systems are often made of single-use materials that need to be disposed of after each use. This quickly becomes expensive, especially for larger restoration projects. Reusable containment systems, on the other hand, are used multiple times, significantly reducing the overall cost of the project.


In addition to cost savings, reusable containment systems are also highly efficient. Traditional containment systems often require significant time and effort to install and remove. Reusable containment systems, however, are quickly and easily installed, allowing restoration work to begin promptly. They are also designed to be easily dismantled, allowing for easy access to the restoration area.

Environmentally Friendly with Reusable Containment

Reusable containment systems are also environmentally friendly. Traditional containment systems often result in a significant amount of waste, which is harmful to the environment. Reusable containment systems, however, are made of durable materials that are reused multiple times, significantly reducing waste. This makes them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious businesses.


There are many different types of reusable containment systems that are used in commercial restoration. Our team at Zeppelin Guys has perfected the reusable containment system with our own AIRWALL systems. Using Green Technology, our AIRWALL system helps any restoration business stay globally responsible. Our containment systems are perfect for any restoration crew who doesn’t want to waste money, time and materials on poor containment! 


No matter which type of reusable containment system is used, it is essential to ensure that it is installed correctly. Improper installation results in the spread of contaminants or damage to the containment system itself. It is recommended to work with a professional restoration company that has experience using reusable containment systems to ensure proper installation and effective restoration.

Reusable containment systems are a great solution for commercial restoration projects. They offer significant cost savings, efficiency, and environmental benefits compared to traditional containment systems. There are many different types of reusable containment systems available, and it is essential to choose the right one for each restoration project. Proper installation is crucial to ensure that the containment system is effective in preventing the spread of contaminants and protecting the restoration area. By using reusable containment systems, businesses help to reduce their environmental impact while also saving time and money on restoration projects. If you’re in need of a reusable containment system, check out AIRWALL by Zeppelin Guys. Shop online at https://zeppelinguys.com/shop/ for all of our AIRWALL systems and accessories.

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