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Reusable Containment Equipment: A Durable, Versatile Option

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Containment is the first step a restoration company in Los Gatos, CA,  takes to get a client’s property back to a safe environment. Traditionally that has meant the arduous and often complicated task of taping plastic. Companies can speed up that first step and reap other benefits by switching to a reusable containment system.

Benefits of an Airwall System

Among the many benefits of these systems, which are made using green technology, include:

  1. Lower Costs: All that taping up plastic requires ensuring stock is on-hand. If it didn’t get replenished, it slows down the job. With a reusable system, you don’t have to worry about constantly buying and throwing away costly materials. Since these systems are designed to be set up fast, it also means lower labor costs.
  2. Versatile Uses: Once the call comes in, the damaged property could be any type of structure. If it is an older building, it may have odd openings or segmented walls that are difficult to seal off with traditional methods. These versatile containment systems are made to fit around any infrastructure, as well as can be used for mold, water and toxin containment.
  3. Better for the Environment: A reduction in material usage means less waste. Since most other temporary barriers involve tape and plastic, it means non-biodegradable materials are headed to the landfill. Being able to reuse the containment equipment eradicates that equation while letting your company boast about its efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Durable Containment

Although these systems are newer to the market, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a proven solution. Along with being designed for quick setup, they are made with high-quality, durable materials that are easy to disinfect. Unlike tape and plastic, they provide a reliable seal to ensure that any contaminants don’t leave the affected area.
Making the switch to a containment system that is reusable provides benefits to both the budget and the environment while still getting the reliability needed.

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