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Normi and AIRWALL – A True Partnership in Remediation


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Partners in Remediation


That’s how it started in September 2021 when Doug Hoffman, the executive director of Normi, approached Keith Gangitano, the CEO of Zeppelin, while at The Experience Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV. It didn’t take long to recognize each other as kindred spirits, each doing their best to improve an industry they love. Team introductions were made, information was exchanged and a courtship started. 


The partnership between them saw Zeppelin do their best to supply Normi with some custom specialty equipment, which they still use every day. In exchange, Normi and their team of industry experts vetted and tested the AIRWALL products for an extended period. As of 2023, they are confident and excited to announce an alliance between the two companies. They have decided to announce their full endorsement of the AIRWALL product as the industry standard for containment in mold remediation.


As leaders and trail blazers in the remediation industry, Normi is in pursuit of the highest standards and procedures for the treatment of homes with mold infestation. After rigorous evaluation, the crew at Normi felt not only comfortable with the high performing inflatable and reusable containment, but they also felt compelled to share that the superior choice in containment is AIRWALL by Zeppelin. 

Choose AIRWALL for Containment


No other product combines ease, reliability, safety, affordability, and functionality into one product. The AIRWALL is so much more than a mere dust barrier. It is built for negative air containment, blocks 15 decibels of sound and is easily transported among many other benefits! 


NORMI and AIRWALL are excited to see where this partnership goes and how they can better the remediation and restoration industry together!

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