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How Reusable Containment Provides Long-term Savings

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In the restoration industry, plastic and tape have been the traditional ways to contain an affected area. Like with many things in life, the time comes to make a change. Although Airwall reusable containment systems may be an upfront investment, it provides long term savings for your Los Gatos, CA,  restoration company.

Financial Advantages to Reusable Containment

In many cases, making a change is difficult. That isn’t the case when you look at the financial upsides of investing in reusable systems.

Once you have the system, that is all you need. These versatile systems can be used for different damage issues, including mold and water, and reused from project to project.

Since an Airwall system is designed for quick setup and easy removal, it cuts labor costs. Technicians will no longer have to spend extra time cutting and taping plastic, which means completing projects faster.

As labor and material costs lower, it means a rise in your profit margin. Instead of budgeting for those areas, those funds can be used to grow the business and expand revenue.

Benefits of Reusable Containment

The addition of time and money is always a good thing, but those aren’t the only rewards that come with making the move to reusable. Since no extra material is needed, it means always having what you need on hand. For your customers, that means a job that is completed in a more timely fashion. These systems also make a big impact on the environment. When using traditional methods, it translates to non-biodegradable materials filling up the landfill. Reusable systems help your company minimize its carbon footprint, which has become an important trait for successful businesses.

When your company invests in Airwall systems, those upfront costs are quickly recovered. As costs associated with labor and materials diminish, it means an increase in profit margins. Beyond the financial aspect, this type of solution helps speed up the process and is environmentally friendly.

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