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How is AIRWALL More Environmentally Friendly than Other Containment Systems?

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Airwall specializes in containment systems, but not just any regular containment system! Airwall is proud to create reusable containment systems with our versatile green technology. One of our biggest goals at Airwall is to create and distribute our containment systems with helping the planet in mind. Our containment systems are more environmentally friendly than many of our competitors and other containment systems on the market. How is that possible, you might ask? Because of the reusability, the green technology and the versatility Airwall containment systems have to offer, we are the most environment friendly systems in the industry. 

Reusable Containment System

Airwall is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind solution for containment on any type of restoration job. This one-of-a-kind containment system is more environmentally friendly than many other containment systems because of its reusability. Airwall containment systems are created to be used more than once, and for different types of projects. We understand that you might be used to a one-and-done tarp and tape situation, but that is not always reusable or environmentally friendly. Our Airwall systems can be put to use on a mold remediation job then a week later be used on a different property for a fire loss job. The reusability of our systems help reduce unnecessary plastic being used and then thrown away and clogging up our oceans. The reduction of waste makes our systems more environmentally friendly than other options. 


Airwall containment systems are reusable so you don’t have to purchase the same system again. Over time, this will help you save money and time, especially if you are a small business. Airwall has different kinds of containment systems that would work best for the size of jobs you are taking on. 

Green Technology

At Airwall, one of our missions is to strive to be evermore socially and globally responsible. This means we manufacture and distribute our products with an intense focus on green methods and green technology. We do everything we can to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. We prioritize being environmentally friendly beginning at the conception of each containment system and through to when our customers are using our products. Airwall wants to protect the world’s natural resources from further damages by supplying a reusable containment system. Our green technology and green methods help us stay more environmentally friendly than other containment systems. Any one of our Airwall containment systems will help lower your carbon footprint and produce less waste. If you are used to using your own creative methods for containment purposes, consider using one of our Airwall containment systems to help reduce the amount of waste from your projects. 

Versatile Systems

Airwall containment systems are versatile. Containment systems are usually used during a restoration project, but our systems can be used for quite anything. Our containment systems have been used in the healthcare industry, corporate offices and educational institutions. In the healthcare industry, airwall containment systems are used to keep bacteria and diseases from spreading and limit exposure to harmful germs. These barriers help hospitals to contain airborne particles in a localized area. In corporate offices and educational institutions, our containment systems are often used during remodeling and to block out noise in small spaces. For remodeling purposes, belongings and items might be stored in these containment systems to keep dust and debris away from these personal belongings. A few other places you might see containment systems during reconstruction include: 

  1. Small businesses
  2. Airports
  3. Restaurants
  4. Shopping centers/malls

With reusability, green technology and versatility, you can’t go wrong choosing Airwall containment systems for any of your projects. If you want to save money and practice being environmentally friendly, check out our line of containment systems. Airwall has exactly what you need for your next restoration project. 

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