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Containment Systems Aren’t Just for Restoration

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Restoration companies in Los Gatos, CA,  know the importance and benefits of using airwall reusable barriers. Whether dealing with mold, water or toxins, containment is the vital first step. Although often associated with restoration, these systems are becoming useful tools in other industries.

Benefits for the Health Care Industry

In health care facilities, it is vital to keep diseases from spreading, as well as limit exposure to potentially harmful bacteria. With visitors, staff, patients, vendors and other people all within an enclosed facility, a reusable barrier provides an easy and efficient solution. Ways these barriers help include:

  1. Minimize direct contact among people.
  2. Reduce chances of indirect contact by touching common surfaces
  3. Contain airborne particles in a localized area.

Depending on the location, a situation may arise in which a temporary isolation room is needed. Airwall equipment is versatile and efficient. This enables the creation of a room that uses negative air pressure to ensure the contaminated air isn’t introduced into the normal airflow. It works by lowering the air pressure in the room so that it stays in the room.

Other Containment Uses

While health care facilities may be a good second after restoration companies that frequently use barrier systems, their use is growing across industries. Corporate offices and data centers are also highly populated locations. If any remodeling is required or there are delicate electronics that need to be free of dust and particles, reusable barrier systems with HEPA filters help keep the air clean. Education and hospitality also have found these systems beneficial. They can be configured to create small, organized spaces that block out noise.

An airwall system is essential gear for a restoration company. Their ease of use and versatility have started to make them more popular in other fields. From keeping germs at bay to creating a soundproof room for students, these reusable systems are steadily offering new solutions across industries.

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