Are Your Containment Techniques Outdated?

AirWall dust containment system set up with entry way

We’ve seen it a million times — a disaster restoration team uses traditional containment methods to protect the surrounding area from airborne contamination. They put up plastic sheeting, tape it down, then use duct tape to create a seal around the perimeter of their work area. This takes time, effort and costs more than necessary because it’s inefficient at containing materials. The old ways of removal and cleanup can be frustrating for both workers on site and customers in the field who want their projects done as quickly as possible.

Old Ways of Containment

Old containment methods are inefficient and unsafe. Our way, the Airwall way, is better for your company’s bottom line, and it’s safer for everyone involved. If you’re still using outdated methods of materials decontamination and site remediation like incineration, chemical neutralization, or other potentially hazardous alternatives, you’re putting yourself—and the environment—at risk.

Old containment methods often require extensive labor, time, planning, effort, and costly disposal. Even if they did work efficiently (which is uncommon), they wouldn’t be as safe as newer techniques that leave no harmful particles behind on the property.

In many cases, outdated containment techniques are slow and labor-intensive. Materials decontamination and site remediation require extensive labor, time, planning, effort, and costly disposal. In addition to the financial burden of these processes on your business operation, it puts workers at risk for injury or illness.

The Airwall Containment Way

Are you tired of scooping decontaminated material into containers? Airwall is a containment barrier that is quickly set up in just minutes to create a safe work area. Airwall’s unique design isolates airborne particles and contaminants, preventing them from escaping into the surrounding environment.

The Airwall containment barrier is so effective that it allows for high-risk work in confined spaces without the need for training or specialized equipment. Conventional containment methods can take hours to set up and require trained specialists. With Airwall, you can quickly set up a safe area in minutes and get back to work immediately on your project.

Airwall allows you to contain your project with only one person on site. This saves time, money, labor, and most importantly – lives!

Negative Air Pressure

Negative air pressure is a technique used in industrial and medical settings to prevent contaminants from escaping the area needing containment. The negative pressure prevents contaminated air from entering or exiting the containment area through leaks in your barrier, creating a self-sealing system that keeps unwanted materials locked inside. A vacuum pump creates negative pressure by sucking the air out of an enclosed space, which causes any contaminants to be drawn into the vacuum source.

Airwall’s unique design isolates airborne contaminants, preventing them from escaping into the surrounding environment. This is especially important when dealing with highly toxic or volatile substances.

Utilizing a built-in exhaust port on the top and bottom of the unit draws all airborne contaminants out of the containment area. The exhaust port is connected to a vacuum system, allowing for continuous evacuation of particles up to 99 percent smaller than 0.3 microns from within X-ray inspection booths, clean rooms, and other enclosed spaces.

Choose the Right Containment

Did you know that Airwall is faster and safer than old-school approaches like sheeting and sealing? Did you also know that it’s more cost-effective than other options as well?

With Airwall, your workers can enter a contaminated area faster than ever before. They won’t have to contend with heavy machinery or spend hours in the hot sun, both of which pose serious health risks. Instead, they will be able to work quickly and efficiently while maintaining a safe distance from harmful toxins. This method saves time (and money) so that the cleanup process can get underway sooner—giving you a safer working environment overall!

Airwall is the future of containment. It is quickly and easily set up in just a few minutes and creates a safe work area that prevents harmful particles from spreading throughout a property. Are you interested in making the switch? Give our Airwall team a call today! We offer a wide variety of products to fit your exact needs. 

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