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AIRWALL Accessory Overview

An AIRWALL containment system in use.

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Containment is a crucial aspect of any restoration job, as it helps to prevent the spread of any damage or contaminants during the cleanup and repair process. By creating a physical barrier between the affected area and the rest of the building, containment helps to minimize the risk of further damage and also helps to protect the health and safety of workers and building occupants. Additionally, it allows for more efficient and effective cleaning and restoration, as it helps to keep dust, debris, and other contaminants contained within a designated area, making it easier to clean up and remove. Overall, effective containment plays a critical role in ensuring the success and efficiency of any restoration project.

Containment Downfalls

Containment is difficult and costly sometimes. If you are having to build a containment system at each and every job, the supplies have to be bought each time and are typically not reusable. Airwall solves this problem. With reusable containment, Airwall is designed for you to build your own, personalized containment for each job. You own the containment pieces and use them as you see fit for each job. There is no more buying tarp and pipes/wood and tape. You have the containment, you know it’s secure, and you get the job done more efficiently.

Airwall Xccessories

Airwall offers a variety of pieces to help you build your custom containment system. In this section, we talk about some of our most popular accessories (or what we affectionately call, Xccessories) that help you build the containment system you have been waiting for.

Nexus Walls & Extensions

One of the main components of the Airwall Containment System is our Nexus walls. Nexus walls help enclose rooms through doorways and are linked or extended to meet the needs of varying sizes of openings.

Soft Airlox Doffing Chamber

Our doffing chamber makes it easy and organized for doffing personal protective equipment (PPE) while on the job. This chamber is easy to set up and includes a window, lockable double zipper pulls opening, adjustable tension traps for different ceiling heights, and a cleanable PVC surface for easy disinfecting.

Universal Dust Curtain

Our dust curtain makes it easy to enter and exit the job site without risking contamination. The zippers on our dust curtain allow for easy access and great airflow. This piece of equipment is installed as part of the Soft Airloc Doffing Chamber or with two Nexus walls.

Xhausts 1 & 2

Our Xhaust systems are two different sizes and shapes, and we have accessories like the Airwall Blox to help fill in any gaps at jobs. The Xhausts help support the unit if it’s installed during strong winds or when the unit is uninflated.

Air splitter

Our air splitter is intended to be used in many ways and is one of our most versatile Xcessories. This piece of equipment is designed to split air into two different directions to have more target drying and to create negative air when paired with our Xhausts.

Reusable containment is a fantastic solution for the restoration industry. Its reusable nature means that it is a cost-effective option, as it is used on multiple projects, reducing the need for frequent purchases of new containment materials. Reusable containment also helps to reduce waste, as it is cleaned and disinfected after each use, eliminating the need for disposable alternatives. The flexibility of reusable containment makes it a versatile option for various types of projects, ranging from water damage to mold remediation.

Reusable containment provides a secure and reliable barrier, helping to contain contaminants and protect workers and building occupants during the restoration process. Overall, reusable containment is a smart choice for the restoration industry, offering a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and secure solution. Airwall has the right amount of accessories to make your reusable containment dreams come true.


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