Universal Dust Curtain

The Universal Dust Curtain is a modular and malleable curtain seal with access door.


The Universal Dust Curtain (UDC), makes getting in and out of your containment fast, easy, and hygienic. 

Two options to move air in and/or out of your containment, double slide, locking zippered doorway with a large viewing window, and compatibility with a T Flap (when decon chamber is not required but negative air would still be a benefit).

Height adjustment for 8,9 and 10-foot ceilings 

Job sheet holder that can be used to communicate with crews, adjusters or any other interested parties. 

Mark I ACV (Atmospheric Check Valve)
Easy make-up air filtration and zippers are used to tune and balance the negative air to the volume of the space and the equipment on site. Then there is the check valve itself, which uses air pressure, gravity, and magnetism to ensure that if the chamber is over-pressurized during a power failure, the contaminants captured in the pleated make-up air filter do not become airborne again on the clean side of your containment.

Includes: 1 dust curtain, two polycarbonate ribs for flexibility and for support, two adjustable straps for secure fit, a window for safety and visibility, a curved “C” shaped zipper for easy access and, when zipped to a “J”, excellent air flow, and one job sheet holder.

Dimensions: The overall width is 8 feet, the center portion is 5 feet wide, and it can accommodate 8 foot, 9 foot and 10 foot hard ceilings.

Features: 1 tunable make-up air filter port with Mark 1 ACV (atmospheric check valve), two universal ports for ducting up to 16” in diameter, lockable zipper door and a window.

Compatibility: can be installed with tape and poles or with one or more Nexus walls. Can also be used just as a reusable dust barrier or as part of the rigid or soft AIRLOX doffing chambers.

* Tunable Mark 1 ACV shown fully closed, half open and fully open. Also the universal ducting port with flexible PVC ducting (not included)

Universal Dust Curtain Accessories