AIRWALL® Flex Seal Powerpack

AirWall Flex Seal is a modular and malleable flex seal for versatile and efficient sealing solutions. Pack of 12.


Proper negative air containment stipulates that the critical barriers be sealed off. This is the obvious stuff like the HVAC system and the not so obvious stuff like the light switches and wall outlets. If it is important to seal off a light switch then how much more important it is to seal off a flood cut. These huge openings can dramatically affect the ability to achieve the correct negative air numbers and more importantly they are essentially a superhighway of contamination.

The AirWall Flex Seal is a highly effective barrier that does one job and one job only, it seals the wall cavities when a flood cut has been performed.

The AirWall Flex Seal can be used effectively in 2×4 and 2×6 walls, wood and metal studs and it even works in both the more common standard 16” on center and the less common 24” on center used in some regions. Though it should be said that for a 24” on center application the user will have to place two overlapping Flex Seals to achieve the desired effect.

We understand that the real estate in your vehicle is valuable so we designed these tools with that in mind. Sold by the dozen, Flex seals come in their own soft carrying case that measures 24”x24”x6” that can be further compressed or squashed when needed.

Included: 12 Flex Seal Blanks and soft carrying case.

Optional: 12 or 24 calling cards with your colors and logos to complete the look (sold separately)

Features: Flame retardant material on the front and back that is intentionally white because the drywall is white and this will keep the product looking better longer. Clear PVC material on both ends that keep dirty “paw prints” to a minimum and provide a place to insert the optional calling cards. Soft polyfill middle layer to ensure the tightest seal in the wall cavity. Structural internal spring that provides both the shape and the springiness that is needed to hold the Flex seal in place and do the work.

Dimensions: Each Flex seal is approximately 24”x22”x1/2” and is sold in a pack. A Flex Seal Power Pack includes 12 Flex Seals and comes in a case that measures 24”x24”x6” weighing just over 13lbs.

Flex Power Pack Details:

  • Set of 12
  • Contents: 12 unbranded Flex Seals with a convenient carrying case
  • Case Dimensions: 24x24x8 (exact weight TBD as we are in pre-production)

Customization Options:

  • Custom Logo Cards: Add 12 custom logo cards for an additional $20. These cards insert into the protective windows at the bottom edges of the Flex Seals. Contact us.
  • Dual-Sided Branding: Each Flex Seal can hold two cards. Purchase an additional 12 cards for another $20 to fully brand both ends/sides. Contact us.

Upgrade to Power Pack Plus:

For larger needs, consider the Power Pack Plus 36 Flex Seals, saving almost $50.

Don’t miss out on this essential sealing solution. Pre-order your AIRWALL Flex Power Pack today and enjoy unmatched versatility and value!