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Here is a quick scenario to contemplate.  Let’s just estimate that you get paid $100 to tape off a doorway, with 1 zipper, to create a chamber.  Materials will cost you maybe $15 and the labor to put it up (with hourly rate and workmans comp, benefits, etc.) sets you back another $35. Hidden variables that stem from failed containment aside, if you get paid $100 to put it up and it costs you $50 in labor and materials then you will make $50 for your effort.  Easy math right?  Ok now, an AIRWALL X has an MSRP of $699…that you’ll pay once.  The materials costs will then completely disappear and the labor drops to a negligible 3-5 minutes of work.  What that means is that after using the AIRWALL 3-6 times and it is effectively “paid for” you can now start adding that $100 right to your bottom line effectively doubling your profits.  These numbers are all rough and based on the simplest application of either option. However, I believe that they reveal a realistic path to increased actual and measurable profitability and a path to higher credibility and esteem in the industry.  The benefits there may not be as easily measured but you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t the type of business owner that recognizes the validity of these performance markers, even if they can be difficult to quantify.

How does all of this improve your bottom line?  That’s easy, stop spending so much money on labor and materials to create inferior chambers and containment.  Oh yeah, and you get to make an impression on your clients and the adjusters by being the most advanced restoration company in your area.  It can be difficult to differentiate yourself in the restoration world, but a big yellow wall might help you do just that.  Remember, the opportunity to leapfrog the competition comes along rarely so it is up to you to take it.

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