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What Your Restoration Provider Will Use Xactimate For


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Many restoration companies have taken to using Xactimate to provide clients with accurate estimates. Here are some of the things they can do with this system:

Managing Their Settings – Although Xactimate is commonly used as an estimator tool for water damage restoration, it can also be used by companies to control internal settings. This includes:

  1. Establishing security groups
  2. Changing passwords
  3. Adding users

Communicate With Others – Aside from controlling internal settings, Xactimate is also a program that can be registered and used on a larger scale. This means professionals can communicate with other companies who use the software to send and receive assignments, updates, price lists, and other information. Fortunately, registration is easy and can be done within the software.

Downloading a Price List – Depending on where the company is located, they can either download a standard price list or create a custom one. Most companies in [City, State], prefer to download a standard price list for the area. This simple step lets the professionals move on to the important task of giving their clients estimates.

Establishing Their Preferences – Once they have downloaded their price list, the contractor will establish their preferences in the system. This means they can choose default prices, headers, and opening statements for their estimates. While these may not fit every project, having defaults generally makes the estimation process shorter.

Estimating Costs – Most professional containment companies use this software to create accurate estimates for their clients and billing department. Within the software, the providers will open a claim where they can enter crucial information, create a sketch of the affected area, estimate the cost of replacement, removal, or restoration of damaged items, and review their work for accuracy.

Many companies involved in the restoration process, such as AIRWALL, have begun using this software to provide their clients with accurate estimates. Aside from this, they can also do plenty of other things that help them make their business more efficient, so your home or business can return to tip-top shape as soon as possible.

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