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Learn About the Difference Effective Containment Can Make

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If you have ever had a flood at your home, you may be familiar with the mess, smell and nasty cleanup that can come with the experience. It is possible you had to deal with water extraction, drying things out and sorting through belongings to determine which were savable and which need to be discarded. If the water was contaminated, then you may also have had to deal with replacing carpets and perhaps some of your home’s structural materials. What you may not have known about is containment.

Reasons To Contain the Problem
This process prevents a substance from spreading through containing the problem in an isolated area. Whether the substance is a liquid, solid or airborne debris, containing it can make the difference between a small mess and a major problem. Consider the following advantages.

  • Reduced damage to property, including water damage
  • Lower cost of repairs
  • Shorter time to complete the restoration process
  • Lower chance of needing to relocate

How Does It Work?
This method essentially corrals offending substances and keeps them from becoming widespread. For instance, containing water in the event of a flood; any floating sawdust, insulation or dust in an attic restoration; or mold spores in a mold cleanup situation may allow you to pass an air quality test. Taking these precautions can reduce the spread of contamination and damage and keep it in a more manageable area. These strong barriers can cover doorways and windows or block other openings. Some contain HEPA filters and air pumps. There are a variety of effective and efficient containment methods available.

As you can see, this process has definite advantages and can help you avoid greater damage or contamination. There are many different types of containment that should be considered at the onset of planning a restoration or building project and immediately if a flooding situation should occur. Remember, your best line of offense is defense.

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