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How Advanced Materials Enhance Containment

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Airwall is the leading brand of reusable containment equipment. The quality of the materials used to manufacture the full line of products made by this brand differentiates these containment designs from competing products. Find out why the advanced materials used to manufacture products such as the Nexus, X, Xhaust 2 and RX make these products a competitive choice for the containment needs of any structure.

Functionality for Containment
The best containment solutions provide reliable protection in every deployment. Here are a few features made possible by the advanced materials used in leading equipment designs:

  1. Individual air chambers
  2. 500-denier outer shell
  3. Heavy-duty zippers
  4. Adjustment straps
  5. Soft top
  6. Vinyl foot

These features make the Nexus and containment equipment made by the same brand stand out from the competition. Choose from doorway solutions such as the X, Xhaust 2 or the RX, which can be set up in existing doorways to create positive or negative air containment.

Durable Reusable Containment
To give you a better sense of the durability of this containment equipment, a 500-denier outer shell is denser than lower-rated materials and less likely to abrade or puncture. By protecting inner components, this material makes it possible to reuse containment equipment.

Containment solutions that can be reused are more environmentally friendly than single-use alternatives. Although single-use plastics tend to cost less, these materials make a lot more waste than a high-quality alternative that stands up to multiple deployments.

Recognizable Equipment Quality

Reusable containment equipment can play a critical role in mitigating water damage and the restoration of several other types of property damage. If you own or manage a residential or commercial property or operate a restoration company, it is worthwhile to consider which product designs featuring advanced materials and green technology best meet your needs.

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