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It’s been 100 years since the last major test of the U.S. medical system’s ability to handle a major pandemic. Now, as the novel coronavirus spreads around the world, new inflatable containment devices are helping keep family members together during this difficult time.

Stopping It in Its Tracks

Like most influenza viruses, a few simple steps can dramatically reduce transmission rates. These include

Wash your hands often.
Always wear a mask when feeling ill.
Family members with symptoms should practice social distancing.

During a major pandemic, experts recommend that everyone wear a mask. The local and state government may place mandatory restrictions as well.

The Next Big Thing

SARS-CoV-2 is the most recent severe pandemic to strike. The challenges it’s brought – and weaknesses in the system – are an alarm call. Masks are believed to be a significant impediment to the spread of COVID-19, but full isolation of air used in conjunction with disinfectants is the only proven method of blocking transmission. Having more than one family member sick with COVID-19 can overtax already thin resources, so preventing its spread is key.

Isolation Can Be Expensive

Once the locus of infection is discovered, the individuals and area should be contained. Sealing off an area can be costly using materials designed for permanent installation. The newest solution is to install reusable devices that can adapt and fill a variety of areas.

Reusable Containment Is the High-Tech Method

An innovation that’s caught everyone in the medical field’s attention is reusable AirWall barriers. Inflatable reusable containment sections come in many different shapes and sizes. They’re easy to install and by inflating them, they conform to the interior dimensions as needed to create a tight seal.

Inside a residence, each AirWall RX section rapidly creates a barrier in each area. Negative pressure devices then clean the air using hospital-approved methods such as HEPA air purifiers.

Family members can have their air isolated, yet windows can ensure they have important visual contact with others. When the quarantine period is over, all the inflatable devices will be packed up, effectively leaving no trace of its installation.

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