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Control Your Environment with AIRWALL Containment

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You hear it all the time: complaints about the dust, the disorder, the daily checks and the length of the process. How about the noise, though? Have you ever heard that one? Have you ever shown up for your daily check only to find the machines quiet or the dehumidifier below the necessary temperature? How does that happen?

We can’t blame them, but when these tasks are done every day, it’s hard to remain sympathetic to these types of issues. Until you remember that they didn’t plan for this, or ask for it. As the professional on the site, your job then is to make it all go away, ASAP! If you ask the homeowner, they would say some kind of magic would be best to fix all their problems. If you ask the insurance company it should all be over in three days, which could also be considered magic. The problem is remediation, whatever kind is needed, isn’t magic. It is dirty, noisy, a bit chaotic and it takes time but all of that is controllable.

Your work crews, your capital investments, your experience and your knowledge make that dirty, noisy, chaotic magic happen. Our products at AIRWALL help you to control the environment you’re working in. Our AIRWALL containment systems take all of those other words like dirty, noisy and chaotic away leaving you only with the magic.

Across the board, our products raise the bar on what a professional remediation job looks and sounds like. Don’t just take our word for it; watch this short video to see and HEAR what I mean. Below are some of the benefits of our AIRWALL containment systems: 

  1. Contaminants: Negative, positive or neutral air pressure with zero cross-contamination. 
  2. Cost: Plastic, tape, timber/poles, labor, waste… And what about the shopping and the constant repairs? Pays for itself in 3-5 uses.
  3. Labor: Sets up in minutes, comes down just as fast and easy to move through. 
  4. Noise Remediation: 15 decibels with one wall, 25 decibals with two. What level or service are you willing to provide?
  5. Temperature: Mold remediation…115℉, water mitigation…0℉ or how about LGR optimal range…70-90℉? Catch my drift?

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