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A reusable containment system that is quick and easy to set up can minimize labor costs for restoration companies and property owners. After an up-front investment in equipment, the materials necessary to contain any type of hazard are available and ready to re-use. Here are three ways reusable materials can lower labor costs for a restoration company.


The leading reusable materials are designed to be set up quickly to allow for timely hazard response. In addition to reducing time spent in the first phase of limiting the spread of contamination, these solutions for containing hazards may also restrict damage to a certain portion of a structure. This allows for an immediate reduction in labor costs and may shorten the duration of contamination cleanup job or water restoration.


Having reusable materials available on hand can shorten any waiting period to obtain equipment. A combination of barriers and accessories make it possible to achieve passive, active or negative containment in any part of any structure. These materials are suitable for limiting the spread of a variety of hazards, ranging from microbial or toxic contamination to water damage.


Material costs are separate from labor costs, but both of these expenses have an effect on the bottom line of a restoration company. Reducing the costs associated with labor and materials can add up to a larger profit margin. Restoration companies may also be able to provide more competitively-priced services that meet the highest standards.

Reusable equipment is faster to deploy than conventional containment equipment. Once a restoration company obtains the necessary components and accessories and gains experience with a reusable system, the savings on labor costs can be considerable. This equipment also lowers material costs over time. Investing in reusable equipment can be the most economical choice for a restoration company in Los Gatos, California.

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